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An overview of my most important research topics is following.

Modelling in the context of Business Intelligence

The modelling has a significant influence on the acceptance and the success of Data Warehouse and OLAP systems. My emphasis is on the level of conceptional as well as logical multidimensional data modelling. (see also Modelling)

Meta data and meta data management

Currently I am regarding the possibilities of meta data exchange between components of a heterogeneous system landscape. Aspects thereby are the Common Warehouse Metamodel and the XML based meta data interchange (XMI). I concretely use the meta data exchange with the SAP® Business information Warehouse at present. (See also presentation at BTW2005)

XML in Data Warehousing

XML is interesting for me in two different ways in the context of Business Intelligence. On the one hand it gives a possibility of meta data interchange. Beyond that I regard the possibilities of the processing of XML data in a Data Warehouse. I work on the latter on basis of the Business information Warehouse of the SAP® AG at present. (See also presentation at DW2004)

Information Lifecycle Management

Aspects of archiving and Nearline storage are more and more important in a Data Warehouse environment due to increased data volumes. Especially the nearline strorage of Data Warehouse data that is only sporadically needed results in lean systems, better performance and maintainability together with preserved flexibility.

Performance oriented Data Warehousing

Dedicated Data Warehouse databases are available especially for data intensive applications that ensure scalability and good performance also for considerably large volumes of data in a Data Warehouse. These solutions are based upon various innovative technical concepts.

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